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FS: 2006 swingarm

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Swingarm for 06 1000RR for sale.

It is in great condition. I just bought one and powder coated it so this is the one I took off. Around 9k miles on it. Some very small scratches from normal use/sand getting caught under the chain guard but nothing really worth noting.

I would like $105 shipped


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Clarification: $105 shipped CONUS
bump. I'm open to offers as well.

New price is $105 shipped
Bump. This is a good upgrade for an 2004-2005. It's a slightly shorter swingarm since they shortened the wheelbase on the 2006-2007.
That's a great price! Those are $1200 from the stealership. Bump...
i wonder why swingarms are so cheap??
Bump, $100 shipped for a near mint 2006 swingarm!
pm sent for $100
Sale pending!
Get it powder coated i bet it sells! free bump!

If your first sale doesn't go through, let me know. Check your PM's.
Payment received! Lock it up...
thats a good deal..

how to get rid of the stickers on the swingarm?
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