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FS: Icon Womens Gear

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pink icon mainframe kitty helmet & pink merc textile jacket. the helmet comes with clear and dark smoke shield. everything is size small. i can honestly say it was worn 9-10 times in 3 years because my ex never wanted to get on the bike and the new girlfriend didnt wanna wear the exs shit, yadda yadda...100 shipped.


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how about just the jacket?
id rather keep them together to make it easier but if someone chimes in who wants the helmet i can split them $50/$50?
ill take the jacket, if u don't wanna split them up i'll take both..
ive got you guys all down in the order you called dibs, ill pm everyone in that order in the morning if theyre still available (payment is pending)
gear has been sold
1 - 9 of 9 Posts