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FS: rimtape

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I was cleaning out my storage and found two rolls of rimtape I never used. One is reflective yellow #6142 (perfect for blue/yellow CBR), brand new in bag: $25.00 shipped. The other is reflective red #6017. Now, the set comes with five stripes, but I used one, so there are only four red stripes: $20.00 shipped.
The stripes are here under the reflective section:
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Bump, no one wants this?
How hard are these to install?
What james said. I actually put some on without stands, and it came out good. With patience, they'll look great.
I have a set on right now. I love 'em. I just bought a new set of wheels for track use only so I'm in the market for a set now. Let me make sure they are what I have now and if so I think I'll have to take 'em.
Cool Snap, let me know.
can you do both rims with the four stripes or did you need all 5 to complete the job?
Yea you can do both wheels. They give you an extra stripe in case you booger one up.
Red stripes sold, still have the yellow stripes.
Bump....yellow set still available.
I'll paypal you $15 for the yellow strips, let me know.
Someone, please take these!
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