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I have a 2004 CBR. Originally, the stator shorted and took out the rectifier/regulator. I could not find an original one any where. So I found what I thought to be a good one. So I order a stator and rectifier/regulator. Install it. I charge the battery. Go for a ride and the battery is not charging. I find out the new rectifier is bad. So I return it and get a refund. I buy one from another website. Install it. Everything is good for about 5 or 6 weeks. One day I go to meet someone at a local coffee shop and when I get on the bike to leave. Engine turns over, but will not start. I get the bike home and find out the fuel pump is not priming, the MIL indicator stays on. I check the neutral switch, kick stand switch, angle sensor. All that stuff and more. After about two weeks of troubleshooting. I was 90% convinced it was the ECU. So I had a guy in SC test it. He said it was bad. So I jumped on eBay and bought a brand new OEM ECU for $375. When I received it. I plugged it in and turned the key. Fuel pump would not prime. I was soooo disappointed!! I was thinking at this point it was not possible for me to fix it. I was so close to loading it on a trailer and taking it to a local shop. But I was hesitant. Something inside kept telling me it had to be something I was over looking. Persistence finally paid off.

Short of the story is. The issue was in that yellow "terminal bridge block", as some refer to it as, on the right side. Apparently this terminal block is notorious for issues. There was an open between primary injectors 2 and 3 on the black with white stripe wire. Continuity between injectors 1 & 2 was good and as was injectors 3 & 4. But no continuity between injectors 2 and 3. There was also an open between the black with white stripe of the Fuel Cut Off relay and the Engine Stop relay. How I found the "issue"? Using a multi meter I found out one of the black with white stripes wire, at the yellow terminal bridge block, had continuity from the fuel cut off relay to the crimp terminal on the wire side. But not on the "bridge side" where all the wires came together and terminated. So I stuck a small jewelers screw driver in the terminal block, "bridge side". I checked for continuity again and it was there. So I used a Dremel and cutoff wheel to cut the corner open. As you can see in the pics. This is what I discovered. A loose female terminal pin on the the male pin. So I put some flux on it, soldered it and I had continuity between primary injectors 2 and 3 and between the relays. But I could not confirm the fuel pump until I got it all back together.

All in all, I spent about $600. Besides the ECU I bought on eBay. I had to buy another stator and magneto. Reason, I was told the 04 and 05 magneto magnets are too strong. That is why the stator shorted and took out the rectifier/regulator. In order to keep the warranty on the stator in effect from the guy I bought it from. I had to install a magneto from a 06-07 CBR. I found a new OEM on eBay. The ECU from eBay. I am keeping that. Original OEM ECUs are really hard to come by. You never know!! If this one dies. I have a new one.

Oh, as for the original ECU that the guy in SC said was bad. It was fine. It still worked. So yeah, I paid $33 for nothing. But I'm not concerned about that. Just glad I saved myself the cost of putting it in the shop.

It was a post by Clemson600rr that led me to finding my problem. Thanks Clemson!!

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