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Hi all

I have finally made it with the big boys and the litre bikes. I have owned a VFR800 VTEC for 5 years now and love that thing to bits, but along came a crashed 2004 Fireblade which was very cheap and I decided that I needed a new project 😅

After 1.5 years of many working hours, frustration and lots and lots of waiting around for parts I can now say I finally have a new 2004 Fireblade. Well the engine has 30k KM but it is running sweet, all else is practically new

I'm here to learn more about this bike and maybe offer my help too. In any case, here are a few pics of the build

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Hi, Amazing to see it all laid out and in stages. Bikes looks great! The Fireblade is an awesome bike & I love mine. Fantastic job & thanks for sharing. How long in hours did it take you?
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