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Gilles gp shift lever

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Will this work with a push style quick shifter i currently have for the standard shift pattern?
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A picture of the part would be helpful. But, if you are referring to the Gilles Tooling Racing Lever and using it to switch to gp style, then I'm gonna say yes it will work. From what I can see and deduce, the Gilles lever allows you to switch to gp style by moving the shift rod connection to in front of the pivot point. So, you are still pushing when you upshift.

I could be wrong, but that is what it looks like to me. I believe that is how most, if not all, manufacturers make the rearsets so you can switch between standard and gp while still using the same QS.
put your bike in first gear and switch to second. if the rod you want to install the sensor on pushed up then you are good. if it pulls down you need a pull.
It will work. The rod still pushes, but it just does it from the other side of the pivot, thus reversing the pattern.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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