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Good Price for used 08 with 1000 miles

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What is a good price for used 08 with 1000 miles? Black and silver. Came out in Oct of 08. Candy apple red is really my favorite but black and sliver is cool too.
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Price will depend mainly on condition (been down, well taken care of, etc), then on mods (pipe, PC, levers?), then by location (places with more bikes like Southern California will have lower prices, because there's more bikes for sale) - I'm guessing the one you're looking at is completely stock ~ where do you live?

For a stock 08 CBR1000 around here, they're going for about the same as the other 08 literbikes, around $8000.
I bought my 08 Silver and Black 8 months ago with 1000 miles for 8800 if that helps. Should be a lot cheaper now.

Bike is spot less but, have not seen it. He wants 9k.
Guess I will offer 8k
i just bought a stock '08 black LE w/ 465 miles for $8000.

i just bought a stock '08 black LE w/ 465 miles for $8000.
Good deal.
Ram, Did you get the one in Indiana on ebay? I bought the one in MS one day before the one in IN went. 2008 LE with 374 miles for $7,900
there is two on ebay one for 7500 one for 7800 both are out of warranty the 7800 was a track bike from Freddy Spencers track Expereance, it has 1200 miles on it, I drove 3 hours and passed on it, it has a 180 rear on it and some light cosmetic issues. there are some dealers out there selling a new 08 for 8900. I saw a red one last month for 8300.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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