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gopro camera problem!

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My problem is this: the sound dose not go with the video there is a 2 second difference, I contacted gopro on the 3ed but still no reply.
I have put the sound on low.
Any one has this problem? Do you know how to solve this problem?
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are you sure that it is a problem with the camera and not a problem with playback on your computer? I was having an issue with what I thought was a camera as well turns out it was not the camera but the playback on my computer. I've since upgraded to a new computer but there is information out there on this issue. this would more than likely be the case especially if you are using windows media player.
you know what? you r correct.
so i have to change the computer or use another video editing program?
there is a ton of info out there on this problem... I would suggest doing a google search on this issue and see what you can find. I know that when I had the problem it seemed to go away if I used media player Classic.
when i use the original video every thing works great but when i use windows movie maker the sound gets f$&d up.
yes this has to do with the audio preference settings in windows movie maker. I would suggest searching audio video sync in movie maker and adjust settings accordingly.
good to hear as I am leaving to go get one myself
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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