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So I had my first track day last weekend at MAM and loved it on my RR. Unfortunately it started raining during my third session and I low sided. Then an idea popped into my head. I need a track bike so my RR can be left pretty and able to ride everyday. Three days later found a 2000 R6 on craigslist I picked up for $1850. Full race skins, steering dampner, vortex rearsets, gas cap, frame sliders, case covers, everything safety wires, Pierlli Diablo SuperCorsa, 520 chain and gears, stompgrips, and rear stand. Plus the motor has been cammed and has quite a bit done to it. Nothing for low end power but get the revs up and this thing screams! I'll get some pics up soon! Then it's time to freshen up the plastics.
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Sounds like a sweet deal, hope it all works out for ya.
i wanna see i wanna see!!! anyone know how to get one of these things across the border?
i wanna see i wanna see!!! anyone know how to get one of these things across the border?
Ride it? :shrug:
r6 Pics!!!

Here are two on the way home with it, I will get some better ones up soon.

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looks good man...are those gas prices for real? theyre like 30 cents higher where im at what BS lol
Ya those gas prices are north of Kansas City in the middle of nowwhere off of Hway 35. I rode it up and down the street, It's getting close to finals at school so I'll probably put some sit down on it tomorrow some. I'll report back!
Very nice purchase
Some more pics!

Got the bike unloaded and took it for a quick spin. This thing screams around 8k and just pulls. Below that it's pretty gutless. I started sanding the bodywork done to fix all cracks, and then i'll paint it flat black and get some graphics done for it.

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its a steering "n"

but bad ass... I cant wait to go to MAM! lmk the next time you are headed that way.
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