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Gotta Watch This...

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I saw this somewhere and thought it was pretty cool. Im not a big stunt fan myself i know a lot of people arent on here either but some are, i think both sides will enjoy this one tho...

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pretty cool... wouldve been better if the guy changing the wheel wouldve dropped the axle or sumthin.. haha
Thats cool, but I would be really blown away if they changed the rear while doin an endo...
Haha, totally cool! I was hoping he'd endo afterwards, but oh well :) Pretty damn impressive.
hehe, those guys are like chimps outta a circus
Man, I just did that the other day with my bike.

Then I woke up.
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I'm not sure he torqued that properly....

Pretty funny, good find.
Great video. I thought at the end, he didn't tighten the bolt all the way so I started to freak and thought they were gonnna crash :sad010:
thats pretty cool
crazy germans
I'll be impressed when they do a stoppy - changin the back wheel.
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