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GP shift question

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Thinking of switching over and I just want to ask preferences..

is it difficult to get the adjustment right on the stock rearsets?

also, for daily vs track days what are the pro's and cons of doing this. I am sure getting used to it is the big thing, but I just wanted to know if there is anything else to consider when flipping it over.

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easy to adjust you will have to cut you sprocket cover, but overall i luv it if you ride at track easy to get used too
+1. Easy mod. Either cut your sprocket cover or just run without it. I originally cut my sprocket cover, but I just run without it now.

Didn't take long to get use to it, first time out riding that way and I was fine. For daily/street riding, I love it because the upshifts feel so much better. Since you are pressing down to upshift, you have your weight behind the shift and your leg is stronger extending your foot than flexing it. So it is a much easier shift and you are less likely to miss the upshift.

Haven't done a track day yet (hopefully sometime soon though), so I can't comment on how it affects track riding. But, I've read that it is useful for when you need to upshift while in a turn especially left turns. When leaned over in a left, it would be difficult and dangerous to try to get your boot under the shift lever to shift up. But pressing down while leaned over doesn't pase the same problems.

I say do it. But, you will want to put a label somewhere very visible, such as on your tank where the other warning stickers are, that you have changed to GP shift. That way if someone else has to ride your bike, they will know about the change in shifting pattern.
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I still use stock shifting for both street and track. But I have multiple bikes and want to keep them all the same. So I would suggest if you go one way or the other with the shift partern do all your bikes that way. Then no confusion in times of desperation.
I love the GP pattern. It seems crazy that bikes are sold with the opposite pattern stock. Shifts seem far more clean and natural. I take two minutes to reverse the pattern back for service.


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why is it called "GP"? Did GP bikes come with "reverse shift" before someone else desided to use "reverse shift" on their super or sportbike?
And what's this "Nicky Mod" nonsense I seen?:th_SmlyROFL: How that name come about for cutting a sprocket cover?
If you cut your sprocket cover for the shift rod to covert to "reverse shift" what name is that? :beat:
awesome! Thanks, this mod was super easy to do. I did it in like two minutes and shifting does feel way better!! I got use to it right as I drove it, like it was suppose to be like that. You just have to think.
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