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Group buy 08 full exhaust anyone?

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I have pondered replicating a full stainless exhaust and can offer a ceramic coating on it as well in silver shine, or semi gloss black too.

I will be able to offer a few options on the mufflers as well. i am able to do a ti sleeve, a blued flame type scorched ti sleeve, as well as carbon.

The ti is like $60 more then the carbon cans and then another $70 for the scorched ti on the ti cost.

i think if i can get 6 people i can get a great deal on the pipes and it will take about three weeks to have the cans and pipes made, two more if we want ceramic coating on them

not 100% on the cost yet but i am thinking $1000

Anybody seriously in for a full exhaust?
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Thats a little higher than I wanted to pay, come down in price some more and I'll be interested.
im interested if the price was a lil lower
not going to go lower

i am not building beer with champagne taste

a full quality exhaust for this bike is like $1400+ then add another $275 for a custom GP can and $1000 is pretty good

sorry guys but i would have to have these made in china by people making 35 cents a hour and americans need work
If you can get some dyno results to show that they are worth the price then I would be into it.
I am using a leo nice full as my basis with minor changes if any so what they got so will I

Mine will have a GP muffler built you your spec if you like and i can for another $100 ceramic coat the headers in sulver or semi gloss black and possibly do a custom filler panel too
Make a TI that looks like the stocker and I will pay the $$$
ti is expensive and i will not be able to offset the one off cost unless you are rolling in dough J/K

have the header here from leo, looks good
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