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Group buy for Titanium Parts

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I am putting out a call for anyone interested in titanium parts for the 2017-202X CBR1000RR.
The largest steel pieces on the motorcycle, other than engine internals, is the Front and Rear axles (also unsprung weight), the Swingarm pivot bolt and the steering head stem. Titanium is 43% the weight of steel but steel is slightly stronger by 10 to 15% so the wall thickness of the titanium parts are increased by 20% or more to increase the strength, which makes the part only about 50% of the weight of stock steel part. The parts will be made from Grade 5 titanium 6AL4V and heat treated in a vacuum furnace for increased strength by a professional machine shop, Runsom. So, while no guarantee on the part, it is engineered to last.

This is for people who have already done what they can to lighten their bike and want another couple pounds of loss.
The stock front axle is 411.5 grams or 14.7 ounces.
The stock rear axle is 465 grams or 16.6 ounces.
The swingarm pivot bolt is 608 grams or 21.7 ounces.
So, expect a total weight loss of 1.66 pounds.
I am also doing a custom steering head stem for a damaged lower triple clamp so 2 pounds loss for my bike.

You can see more on my thread for weight loss: Titanium bolt weight

Pricing in 1, 5 and 10 each. If more than 1 and less than 5 I will have to get updated pricing from the machine shop.
Front Axle 1 - $250, 5 - $151, 10 - $112
Swingarm pivot bolt 1 - $450, 5 - $280, 10 - $225
Rear Axles 1 - $400, 5 - $270, 10 - 216.67
Steering stem 1- $300, 5 - $135, 10 - $112.50

With 5 pcs of front and rear axle and pivot bolt, with shipping and taxes is around $800 USD for one set.
Some are already interested, see the thread, so, throwing this one time buy open to anyone interested. Reply in the thread or PM me.
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