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Have You Ever....

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Had to chase a cager down and kick their door and gave them the old :thefinger: because they ran you off the road or cut you off? I had an incident one time that this old lady got pissed cuz we passed her and i guess our exhaust was too loud or something.We ended up getting caught the stop light, and i noticed the headlights behind me were getting too big for comfort and so i look behind me and this old crazy lady is not stopping, shes trying to run me over, so i made a fast right and got the hell out of her way, and sure enough another few seconds later she blew by without hitting her brakes, so me and fellas catch her ass and i kicked her door so hard and beat on her window i thought i was gonna bust it and i gave her the big ole FU right to her face and we took off.

I just want to share out close call stories. That bikers are not all that bad, sometimes its the cars that make the mistakes but we get the bad rap.

Any one else?
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I've given people the bird a few times. Also there were instances I raise my hands to let them know I'm saying "what the fux were you thinking?!! ":cussing:

I don't think I got the balls to do what you did, never know who you run across. You might catch the wrong dude one day and get :shoot:
Almost got hit by some little highschool brat in the red bug her parents just bought her and she got close enough for me to deliver a swift kick to her bumper. She was not very enthused about me kicking her new car and tried yelling at me at the next stoplight, thanks to two-bros exhaust i was able to drown out her voice and smile at her and respond with a big ole middle finger
I'd advise against chasin them down. A 4k pound car will beat your 600 (with you on it) pound bike every day.

Good luck if you choose that, though
I'd advise against chasin them down. A 4k pound car will beat your 600 (with you on it) pound bike every day.

Good luck if you choose that, though
They also have more places to keep a gun. I am also guessing that it is easier to shoot a gun driving than riding a motorcycle.
They also have more places to keep a gun. I am also guessing that it is easier to shoot a gun driving than riding a motorcycle.
well, the more you add on, the better the odds for the cager.

Granted most times a bike can evade better.

I'll try to GTFO there
i once gave a car that cut me off a flat tire at a stop light :th_SmlyROFL:
Just lift your foot up and take their mirror off as you ride by.
I've been know to pass someone who cut me off and punch off the drivers side mirror.

I was riding with a group of guys on a charity run when this asshole was riding our ass in a F150 and the passed us on a double yellow. The suckiest part was he must have been doing some landscaping because after he passed us all sorts of sand and leaves came out of the back of the truck all over us. We were getting fuckin sand blasted. So needless to say I pulled up next to him going about fifty down the highway and told him to pull over so I could beat his ass, and he tried to run me off the road, so I did what I felt necessary.

BTW, Joe Rocket stage one gloves hold up great against a mirror.
In the late 90's, when the Busa came out, a friend bought one. I had just bought a '98 VFR800 and had just taken MSF, both classes. This friend wanted me to ride with him so he could school me on urban riding. He was a big black Dallas cop, I mean pythons for arms and stood 6'5" tall. He was very cool and I enjoyed riding with him as he taught me a few things. We were on I-35 heading North. I'm about 50 feet in back of him in the fast lane. A brand new Benz, driven by a woman, starts cutting into his lane. He starts honking, waving his fist, etc. She slowly keeps coming into his lane. Now here is the kicker. He carries a baton on his bike, holstered on the left hand side. He's almost in the grass at this point (running out of service road) and has a car directly in front of him. He grabs the baton and takes 2 swings at the front left quarter panel on the benz. He missed the first time, 2nd time he nails it, puts a nice sized dent in it. He had been on the horn the entire time but this was seconds not minutes. As soon as he struck the car she jerked the wheel back to the right and started slowing down. He nailed the throttle and I had to work to catch up with him. He gets up about a mile and exits, stopping at a gas station. He doesn't even wait for me, gets off the bike, pulls his helmet and walks into the gas station to get a gatorade. I finally walk in and I'm like WTF? "Aren't you scared she is going to get your license plate and call it in?" Then I'll never forget it. He said "I'm a cop man, what in the fuck is she gonna do? My word against hers and you saw the whole thing." Then he said "Fuck her, I'll have her up on attempted manslaughter charges." He smiled, I had a cigarette and we bailed. The Benz had paper plates on it by the way. I haven't talked to him in years, he got married, had a couple of kids, etc. The last time I saw him on the bike, he still had that damn baton holstered to the side of that Busa. :th_SmlyROFL:

Myself, I've taken a mirror or two off before in my day.
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I've allways had the asshole stop and Say that they are sorry before I could f*#k something up.
Ive been know to shoot the finger a time or 2.....when I was younger and more stupid I actually got in front of an ass who cut me off by a car length or 2, and lock up the rear THAT was a stupid deal on my part...nowadays I jus shake my head and mutter 'bless their hearts...'
dont freak out on cars that make a mistake .
It just shows your inexperience.
Be mad at yourself because you weren't ready for em.
Sorry its but the cold hard facts of street riding.
Poopeehead, Your so right. Man I gotta laugh at your name. I was cruising down a long straightaway on my brand new 08CBRk going 50mph When a guy with his left blinker on, comming the other way turned at the last minute. I leaned hard over trying to escape. His front end clipped my mid cowl ripped off my shifter and caused it to flatten my rear tire. Unbeileivably I didn't go down or get hurt. 1600 in dammage. I turned around and stopped at his car. His first words were didn't you see my blinker. I almost lost it!! 126 miles on my brand new Honda. My last bike was A 1983 CB1100F I owned that for 22 years. I get a new bike and whamo. But I guess I shouldn't complain my leg is still intact
if i had a dollar for every door i've kicked in or tail-light i've smashed ...
is that why your the 4 billion dollar man?
LOL..good one..but that might just be true.
rename this thread..." hooligans"
Sometimes I leave home and when I get back from riding and I get cut off, the glass marbles I had in my pocket when I left seem to have dissapeared...hmmmmmm.
I'm with silvy on this one. Don't push your luck. I have been hit by a car before on my bike and its not as much fun as the movies make it seem. But whatever, far be it for me to give advise about turning the other cheek and what not......I'm a mean little fucker
Well i cant say that i have never done some of the things that some of you guys have done, ive even relocated a couple of antennas too. Probably the best thing ive seen is a
buddy that TI sliders on his boots and watching him ride buy a car that cut him off getting some custom pin stripping done.
I still get the urge to retaliate but the older i get ive learned to control that urge better.
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