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Started out trying to make slow cars fast, but then realized I could do it cheaper with a sportbike and have more fun doing it.

My fun cars:
1990 Honda CRX Si
2008 Honda S2000

My fun bikes:
2011 Honda CBR250R
2013 Honda CBR600RR
2021 Honda CBR1000RR-R SP (deposit made)

I started riding 8 years ago, but have been working out-of-country for the last 6. Unfortunately I'm only able to ride a week or two a year. This will all change in a year or two when I return home for good.

Started watching MotoGP three years ago. Being a fan of Honda and starting during the Marquez era, I'm a fan of Marquez and enjoyed his push-to-the-ragged-edge style. Hoping for some tougher competition for 2020.

I didn't post here first like I was supposed to, but in less than a day I've realized there are some great people here.
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