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help with scorpio SR-i900 install

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I have an 08 1000RR but I can't figure out how the factory connector kit fits onto the oem harness. Do I have the right connector? Scorpios website says I need an HON-7 which is what the bag says... I took a pic so maybe you guys can tell me.



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nvm its the right one
Any resolve on this?
There's a 'how-to' article on installing it if you're having trouble with it.

08 CBR1000RR Scorpio Alarm Install
Same here. Bought an OEM harness. Couldn't quite figure out how it connected. Felt like an idiot once I did. I can take pics if necessary.
P.S - that's not the Honda CBR 1000RR spec'd harness kit. That's just the basic plug that comes w/ the alarm. The spec'd harness plugs directly into the big 4 prong plug w/ no wire cutting needed.
page 6 of the owner's manual gives you all the wires. and yes that doesn't look like the honda specific wiring harness from scorpio.

you don't cut wires actually it's a T tap. both are straight foward. did you figure it out?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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