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I noticed a tiny drip of oil on the garage floor the other day and almost fell over dead. (this IS a honda, not a harley) anywhoo, I tried to find where it was comming from and all I found was a small puddle of oil resting in the engine case above the swingarm pivot bolt (there is a bowl-like shape here)on the sprocket side. everywhere above that spot is dry and i cant figure out where it is comming from.......any ideas???
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Oil leaks can be tricky to find. I would check the obvious first. Oil bolt, oil fiilter, filler cap, around the clutch cover. If all of these are dry then you could always take off the fairings and put a cardboard piece under the bike and when you come back to a spot look up and trace it backwards from there.
check and make sure its oil. it can sometimes be residue from the front sprocket area.
thanks guys. I'll try the cardboard trick, and im pretty sure its oil 'cause i use a super tack chain lube and the stuff that is dripping has no stickyness to it at all.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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