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A number of the people here know of me and the kind of stuff I've done in the past, including the Kings of the Street videos.

We're doing an event in Mid May on a Southern California airport runway that will feature side by side high speed roll racing. Think about pulls from 40 - 180, that sort of thing. This time it is not me who is responsible for the whole shebang, but I have been approached to help with the motorcycle side of things, running the event smoothly and managing the camera bikes. Ultimately, it will not be my video or decision on who can participate, so it is a bit different than usual.

Currently, there are a ton of interesting cars and bikes scheduled to show up. I've been tasked with organizing the bike portion and want to fill in a few gaps. We can't accept too many people as there is simply not enough space on the roster to accommodate everyone, but I can take a few more. I'm going to post on a couple choice boards to find the right people. Specifically, I'm looking for:

1. a 2008-2009 Suzuki Hayabusa - Stock (or simple mods)
2. ZX14 (stock or simple mods)
3. a late model Honda CBR600 or Yamaha R6
4. late model Aprilia or Ducati liter class bike
5. Harley V-Rod
6. 750 or 800 cc sportbike or standard

Anyone coming out to join us MUST have good protective gear and a mechanically sound ride. Protective gear includes full leather coverage, full face lid, good gloves and boots at the minimum.

Also, you should be comfortable riding at the top end of your bike's capabilities AND be able to handle pretty hard braking. Please, no newb riders; this isn't the event for that.

To defray a fraction of the cost of airport rental, security, ambulance/paramedic, jaws of life, catering, etc., the guy footing the bill is asking for a $100/bike contribution. And trust me, this will only make a small dent in the expenses that will be incurred.

This is going to be a totally unique event. You can count on seeing some amazing vehicles running all out. Everyone should get a few fulltilt runs and have the opportunity to run side by side with some other very cool vehicles.

You should count on taking the entire day to participate in this event.

email me directly if you are interested at fulltilt at (replace the at with '@', obviously).

If you have a friend that might be good for this, let me know.


Kerry Ward

Some details:

On may 15th we will have a runway shootout at the Mojave Airport in

Here is the breakdown of the event:

8:30 AM: Check in at the Mojave Airport main runway and drivers meeting.
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM: We have use of a 12,5000 ft (2.3 mile) long by 200 foot
wide Runway.

We will pair up cars against cars, bikes against cars, and bikes against
bikes. These will be roll races starting at approximately 40 mph. We are
required by the airport not to mark up the runway by spinning our tires,
hence the rolling starts. Most races will run up to 180 to 190 mph.
Depending on the layout of the runway, we may run as many as 4 vehicles at
one time. There will be some vehicles going for the 200 MPH

I will have a film crew there with at least a dozen different cameras
getting all different shots throughout the day. We will get shots from the
start, finish and midway on the runway. We will have cameras mounted on the
cars and in the cars. The turbo Hayabusa will be our primary chase bike with
a camera mounted on the gas tank pointing forward. This shot will capture
the 2 vehicles in front of him racing as well as include the speedo of the
bike to give a good idea of the speed and acceleration.
There will also be shots from the control tower, and maybe a plane/chopper.

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM: We will have a photo shoot of the cars, bikes and models
on the taxiway.

I will have at least 1 model at the video/photo shoot from 12:00 PM until
4:00 PM. She will start some of the races as well as pose with cars and
bikes during the photo shoot.

We will not break for lunch, but I will serve food between 12:00 PM- 1:00

The video crew will take all the video from the day, as well as some of the
photos and interviews, and coordinate it into a 90 minute action packed DVD.

Channel 4 news said they will be there part of the time and give some previews on there weekend show.
Vette magazine has also agreed to publish the story line and
pictures from the day, and post a link in the article where the DVD can be
purchased. I've also worked out an arrangement with to have
the 90 second promo video posted on the front page of their website with
links to my site where the DVD can be purchased.

Here is a list of the cars and bikes that are committed to the event:

(2) 750+ blown C5's, a bolt on C6, (2) Z06 with heads and cam, blown 402 C5,
a new ZR1, Ford GT, Porsche TT650 HP AWD, Shelby GT 500 (817 RWHP), Ferrari
F430, a slightly modded Nissan GTR and a Lambo 640.

We now have commitments from:

Porsche Carrera GTs and an Enzo!

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Only 1 model though; gonna be a sausage bonanza! I'd go just to check the cars, but you should really have a flock of aspiring models there (you know, the kind that are looking for exposure, etc.). Keep us updated; looking fwd to seeing some footage.

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I'm more interested in the bike/car stuff than the model stuff. The 'shoot' with the girl will follow the runs. I won't have much to do with that part.

Be nice to have a 1000RR out, but we're limited in the number of bikes I can get out.

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No shit right, lets post on a Honda 1000 forum about wanting bikes and not want a CBR1kRR...:th_down:

Make sure you get plenty of those rare gixxers to show up though...:gay:

But then again I see your point, most of the people that are going to watch this movie are going to be more interested in the under glow and couldn't even tell you what Akrapovic is...:thefinger:

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U do know ur on a 1000rr website dont you :loco:
This thread was a double FAIL... he posted up anoter one after the failed date for the event asking for a 1000RR for the "new" date...I offered him my bike...he never responded until he came back to the thread and said it's prolly too late the night before...

What do you want to bet the whole event was a giant FAIL!!! :th_SmlyROFL::thefinger::th_down:

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if you are charging people to go out with you then you need to pay a vendor/sponsor fee to "sell" on this site. especially since you are using your "business" name as your username.

i dont want to see any more threads like this until you pay up. your pm usage will not be turned back on until you do as well.

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