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Hoppa's Parts Bazaar Mega Thread (Constantly Updated)

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Alrighty, hopefully I can help keep the number of threads down by just using this one thread is my official space to sell off stuff.

The current sale items will always be in my last post of the last page of the thread, so please check there. Stuff on the first page will most likely be outdated since, for some reason, the forum doesn't allow me to edit posts after a few weeks.

All pricing will reflect the item shipped at the price posted including paypal fee's, unless the item is extremely expensive, then I'd appreciate it if some consideration was given in that situation.

So check my last post for a list of the most up to date pricing and availability.
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I know this might be a long-shot but is this still available?
Updated list of currently available parts as of 03-21-2023. If you have tried to get a hold of me on the forum and I didn’t respond, please email me at:

[email protected]

Brembo 19 RCS Clutch Master (new) - $210 shipped

HRC KIT Endurance tank with HRC KIT Fuel Pump kit - $1000 shipped (only fits aftermarket subframes)

HRC KIT Subframe - $750 shipped

HRC KIT Swingarm, HRC KIT Suspension linkage (P4), and HRC KIT Chain fin (gilles chain adjuster and caliper hanger not included) - $500 shipped

Superbike-Style Custom welded in Swingarm (needs new bearings) - $250 shipped

Custom Galfer SBK front brake lines - $100 shipped

Captivated Carrozzeria/Brembo underslung rear caliper - $300 shipped

Motion Pro Throttle $100 shipped

HRC JSB ECU - $300 shipped

Woodcraft Stator Cover - $120 shipped

Front and rear axle sliders - $100 shipped

Custom wire harness done the correct way (over 1lb lighter than HRC). Completely pulled apart and resoldered. Accumen Gear Indicator Integrated/Hardwired into harness - $500 shipped

Gilles Gold Colored Chain Adjusters w/ lifters (Captivated - you'll need to drill out your swingarm to use these unless you want this swingarm too..) - $125 shipped for chain adjusters alone, extra $$ for shipping the swingarm and adjusters.

Blue Lightech Keyless Gas Cap - $55 shipped

Ladybird Underslung Caliper Hanger (for 84mm calipers - no caliper included) - $200

Sebimoto Fiberglass Superbike Seat for Stock Subframes (never used, not even painted yet) $120 plus shipping

SpeedoHealer - $75 shipped

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Repsol Orange 06-07 HRC Link - $75 shipped

Hunter Orange Fairing Stay - $100 shipped

Hunter Orange Aftermarket Stator Cover - $100 shipped (OR $150 shipped for matching Fairing Stay and stator cover)
Has small mark on it

OEM Rectifier - (two available) - $40 shipped

Bazzaz GP Shift Quickshift Sensor - $200 shipped
Bazzaz shipped me a new head unit and sent a newer quick shifter with it when replacing my broken head unit so I have two quick shifters now.

Blue and Yellow Tank Shelter with Carbon Fiber Inserts
Great Condition. Comes with CF look tank pad. Will not part out the inserts, they are epoxied in place.
$160 shipped

Oem Clipons - $75 shipped

Upper harness (tachometer, lights, blinkers, & tip over plugs) - $45 shipped

Upper Harness (race edition - tach and tipover sensor plugs only) - 75 shipped

Arata Right Side (Brake) Rearset - Lever slightly bent inward - $75 shipped

Vortex Left Side Rearset - Bent - $50 shipped

OEM Rearsets - $100 shipped

04-05 Right Side ECU Mount (x2) - $50 shipped each

Bazzaz Z-AFM Module - $50 shipped

04-07 Stompgrips - $45 shipped

A-Tech Carbon Fiber Intake - $150 shipped

OEM Cush Drive with Aftermarket Sprocket - $50 shipped (three available)

Brand New Chrome Stator Cover with "1000RR" milled into cover- $50 shipped
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