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How to- Front Upper cowl or fairing take off and put new on???

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I recentlywent outside to find my bike laying on its side and the front upper fairing that goes around windshield and headlights is busted...i ordered new piece but just wanted to know if anyone on here knew every nut and bolt i had to take off in order to change this piece out...thanks a lot for any help!!!
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Hers what I do. Start unbolting shit that looks like its holding on what I want to come off. Before you know it you got everyt nut and bolt that holds it on, off. Putting things back together is a lil more diffecult this way though, but honestly thats what I do and it works for me.
What year's your bike? I can host the service manual pages that cover it, but basically Jason's method is what you'll be doing lol.
+1 on the year of the bike. It shouldnt be all that difficult of a process if its 04-07 i had mine off in a couple of minutes just have to take off the mirrors and side fairings, unplug the computer on your left hand side of the bike and then changing out the headlight housing require unscrewing 6 little screws or so. I did it when i replaced my fairings, its relatively easy, GL with it
thanks guys preciate the help...i understand its like a big lego but any input helps so thanks again!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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