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I dodged a big bullet!!!

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well my wife is trying to get me to sell my 07RR. I put it up on ebay thinking it would bring me in a little bit of money. i set a buy it now for 8400. well it didnt sell. i was happy and started renewing my relationship with my bike since winter just passed not long ago and i figured i better get on it to prove to my wife im still into it. well she demanded i put it back up for sale. so i did. i put it up for sale with a buy it now for 7900. well i looked today and it said SOLD. my heart dropped. i started thinking about the day i picked it up, how i couldnt stop smiling. how i moved my drumset in the dining room to construct its new parking space. not long after, my son was born and it became a partial mile marker for a changing of my life. well when i made the auction, i made it so that i had to have a $500 deposit within 24 hours or sale. well ive got just over an hour left to wait and i will be able to void the sale....or so i think. please give me some insight as to what i should do!!! ive got another kid on the way, my wife made me buy her a bimmer cuz my vw got caught in a flash flood on base, and she doesnt trust it enough now. so with the extra payment on the new car, i see y she would rather me get rid of it, but i feel like, because she took full coverage off the vw ( her decision in order to save a few bucks) and now im paying for it, she doesnt trust it so we have to get a new vehicle, (again, her feelings) and as a result im pressured to get rid of my toy. i feel used and backed into a corner. im getting the shit end of this stick here. :sad010:
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Sorry man but there will never be "you have to do this or that" in my relationships. I am of no help. Good luck though.
no it is help.
so how does this thing with ebay work? if he doesnt comply and give up the 500 deposit, do i get to void the sale or will ebay force me to sell it anyways if he comes up with all the money later ?
The day my girlfriend/wife/fiancee TELLS me to sell my bike is the day I walk out. :slap:

No offence but sounds like she wears the pants in your relationship. :catfight:
as a matter of fact she does. she even goes overseas and fights in this war and i dont. main reason being NOW we have a child and im DQ'd from joining the military. she was older than me in highschool and a grade ahead of me so she joined first. when she got out of basic, we got married and ive just always played catch up. shes worried about the bills since we unexpectedly had to purchase a new vehicle. shes scared the vw will break down now that the engine was partially submerged over the turbo. everything was sealed and all but there is no convincing her. so since shes been wanting a bmw for a few years now, i figured, shit, ill go ahead and use this as a reason to get just that. now shes looking at the payments, insurance etc and saying we have too many vehicles. 2 cars, an 07 ram quad cab, and a bike. with the child comming in november, shes trying to cut debt. i sort of understand her view but i work harder than she does for less money and on top of that, i own my own lawn care business on the side which i do all my self and pocket all profit. so i make enough to cover my bike/toyz and there should be no argument. shes thinking "what if" all the time. what about winter months. her point is understandable but maybe not the most rational.
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Sounds like the only thing you need to get rid of is the woman your married to.
haha. easier said than done. especially with 2 kids...well 1 here and 1 on the way. to me its not worth going that far. i know shes not being fair, and im dealing with that right now. im just curious about the process with the ebay sale. what am i obligated to do with the terms set in place? if he doesnt obey the 500 deposit within 24 hours, does that mean i dont have to sell it to him? cuz if thats what it means, than thats whats gonna happen? what if he does deposit the money and i decide not to sell? what happens to me? ive searched a bit on ebay but get vague info and cant contact anyone about my options. looking for people with similar experience! also i put up there that i have the right to cancel auction at any time. does that mean after someone has bought it i can cancel or am i stuck now? do i have to sell it to him or will i be penalized?
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Just message him that you no longer want to sell it. I can assure you the ebay police will not be knocking at your door.
that may work. one thing that makes me wonder is that the person created the ebay account the same day he bid on my item. now i know that there are people that dont have ebay accounts and would only create one if they found something they want, but im thinking it could also be a possibility that someone selling a similar bike on ebay could have made a bogus name to ruin my auction so that theirs would be more inviting!! just a few thoughts.
Fucking buying her a bmw. Buy her a used ford focus... That'll save some cash.
Sell the bike. Two kids, a Bimmer and a VW that might be on the fritz. Live within your means and give yourself some extra cash to put away, especially in this tough economy. Be smart. Priorities man, priorities.
i thought i was doing something nice for her. shes been eyeing them online and at car lots when we go out window shopping. she bearing my children, i thought i did something selfless. turns out i shot myself in the foot.
Sell the bike. Two kids, a Bimmer and a VW that might be on the fritz. Live within your means and give yourself some extra cash to put away, especially in this tough economy. Be smart. Priorities man, priorities.
Honey ? is that you? wow. sounds alot like her.
dont forget the dodge we r still paying on. altogether we have 3 vehicle bills. the truck, bmw, and honda bike. we own the Vw so thats y she dropped full coverage. it bit her in the ass and i catch the shit rolling down the hill to speak.
oh well. i havent received the deposit so i look at it as a non payment. im in the right to keep it. i guess im off to the gym on my bike. maybe a little night ride is in order to rejuvinate my love. holla back and stay safe.
nope guy didnt pay. sucker. was 7900 a good price? i guess if hes willing to cough up another 2000 so i can go get a new bike, added on to the 7900, ill part. but other than that. hes out of luck.
nevermind. im staying around for another hour. im watching the demise and rise of steve-o
marriage counseling?

everyone needs a hobby and yours is your bike
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