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It keeps getting better.

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The Honda went 9:50's this weekend. Silp-on,pc3r,lowered, vp U4.
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Where did you get the part to lower it?
Diamond powersports, I used the one for the 600rr. Modded it to work.
Not too bad at all. Wondering if you'll break the 9's???
turbo charge it... LOL

Did you change the sprockets to go this quick? What mph? What slipon? Did you change the timing?
600rr lowering link mod

What exactly did you do to modify it to fit the 1000rr
thats pretty quick...but i bet this guy can beat you :moped:
the bike had Jardine slip-on, -1 front sprocket, pc3r mapped.
It now has a full system on it, and it pickup up 5-6 hp on the dyno.
However I havn't been out to the track since I put the pipe.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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