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Jardine RT-5 S/S, Alum with carbon end-cap

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I installed this system and it's just too loud. I put 30 miles on it in sunny California.

Not a scratch and I'll send it "assembled" so your install will take about 10-20 minutes... two bolts off, two bolts on. I'll include the purchase receipt so that you can get the discount on the Pro Tune 3.

$300 plus shipping
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You still have the system for sale, or have you decided to keep it? I see you have several posts in several forums, some saying you want to get rid of it, some saying you love it. If you do want to get rid of it, then just how badly do you want it gone? I live in Tennessee so shipping may make the price too high for me. PM me.
PM sent.

I think that for my neighbors sake, it's best I keep the stocker on there. I was indeed pretty amped on the Pro Tune 3 but either way it's just too loud for me.
I thought we need 100 post minimum/60 days to sell on here?

Uhhh, mods... hello?? You still here? need to check your pm's...been sending them for three days...still no have my $300, i need shipping info on my pipe please!
this guy has been on here less than you .... and you sent him $$ ? c'mon now
don't rub it in, man
hopefully Target'll still get his goods
Yes, lets hope. And I sent him the cash because he also has a longtime good standing rating on th Ducati forum, and paypal had nothing but good reports about him. I also need the pipe, and the price was right.
hope is the mainstay of the makeup industry, not aftermarket products for motorcycles

you should have practiced due diligence and will have only yourself to blame if it doesn't work out
He responded to my PM a few days back regarding the exhaust for sale, only I was looking for Ti and not aluminum. :shrug:

Hope you get this resolved.
put in a complaint with paypal if u dont here from him soon
Whoa, Fellas!!

Please accept my apologies for not reporting for duty over the weekend- didn't know that was required! :th_salute:

Just kidding...

I was in San Diego all weekend but I shipped the exhaust this morning to arrive Thursday. It's all good gentleman.

InfidelTarget, sorry to freak ya out- your exhaust is bound for the paypal address you gave me with your payment. :thumbsup:
Again, I thought we couldn't sell here unless 60+ days and 100 posts.

Did the rules change?
It's all good. Just a lack of communication. And he did not advertise on the classified section. I think that is where your stupid 60 day rule comes in. Besides, I believe that he, we, have both been members of related forums for quite a while. This isnt my first and probably isnt his either.
i'm curious as to why you think its stupid to have a 60 day/100 post moratorium before being allowed to sell on here ?
i'm curious as to why you think its stupid to have a 60 day/100 post moratorium before being allowed to sell on here ?
And the answer is..
Because of the situation I was just in. Why should I have to wait 60 days to be able to get a part I need? 60 days from now, I will have been home for R&R, and will be back in this hell hole again. If he had been banned from posting, along with a couple of other members I got repair parts from, I would not have the parts I needed to get back on the road. Then I would not have been able to ride when I go home in May. Alot of you take it for granted that you can walk outside and start your bike any time you want. You want a slurpee? You get on, ride to the 7-11 and get one. I have been staring at pics of my bike for the last six months...listening as someone else starts it for me...and trying to remember the feeling of brutal acceleration the last time I got to ride. In this case, ilive41 has been a member in other forums for longer than 60 days, as have I. I came across his username in a Ducati forum that is advertised on THIS forum when I was doing my "due diligence", as I was advised to do, before purchasing. And furthermore, I believe there is a complaint thread about blackliterRR, or something close to that, and how he has screwed someone out of a seat and money. He has passed your arbitrary 60 day-100 post rule...and STILL screwed someone. So to me, it just seems silly. If someone wants to post something for sale, maybe they cant wait 60 days for the money. Maybe they need it now. And someone needs that part they are selling. Why should they have to wait 60days? As long as the seller has a useable profile that has enuff info to contact them outside this forum they should be allowed to post for sale items. And as always, it's buyer beware.
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