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Le Mans 24Hr: RC30 beats big-bang R1

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Thought this was pretty cool. 'Would love to do something like this.

The link is to
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that rc is so far up on the list of "do want" that i can't quantify it. cool bikes. hell, i want an nc. just because.

and damn that upper fairing looks familiar :)
"Team Moto Journal - Matmut finished the race 26th our of 46, beating a whole host of modern bikes on the way, including an Infiniti Racing RC8 and 2009 R1 run by Team LTG 57 - Zone Rouge. Their best lap was a 1:47.776 which was 9-seconds off the race's fastest lap of 1:38.242 set by Honda France."
Just goes to show that racing is more about the rider and team then the bike you're running.

Much respect to the team that ran the RC30 and beat half the field of modern sportbikes.
and yet honda insists on not giving us an updated version of the rc30

they just cook up a honda gsxr...and expect us to buy it
But didn't a team fielding an R1 ultimately win the 24 hour LeMans? Incidentally, the 2009 Blade finished second, 5 laps down. I don't know what R1 that team was running, so it may be moot.
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