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Looky Looky

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So I just found out that a new race track is going to be built about 40 min from my house!!! It's actually 3 tracks that can run different events or be combined into 15 different configurations for a max of 2.77 miles. It can be used for cars, drifting, karts and bikes. It has two long straights, one 1,814 ft and the other 1,906 ft. They also have elevation changes of about 120 ft. They have memberships that can get pretty pricey, but they are also going to have open track days. They just got everything approved and break ground in about 2 months.

Check out the website Go to About AMP and click on Course & Building Design. I can't wait!!!!
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You suk.

That's all
I don't even know you and I already don't like you...

..but seriously, that's awesome :thumbsup:
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