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Lost key, ‘15

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hey guys hope everybody’s doing good.
I lost my key to my 2015 and I don’t know if I can get a replacement or I will have to change the whole ignition switch
Any of you have experience this situation? If so, what should I do?

Thanks in advance for the help
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Remove your ignition and look at surface that faces frame (area with locking pin). I removed top fork-clamp and flipped over to unbolt ignition. Used torx bit at angle to grip bolt. Get key-code, then just use regular bolts to re-install. No thief is going to waste time unbolting ignition to steal bike. They'll just force it with big screwdriver or pick up bike and toss into truck.

Last 3-digits of number on ignition-switch is key-code. Send it to this outfit and get 2x brand-new original keys that'll work in all your locks for $21.

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Just to let everybody know the key code is on the side of the ignition. If you turn the steering all the way to the left. With a good flash light and a magnifying glass you dont even need to take anything apart you can see the key code. Got my replacement keys today.

Read this from another post …. Is that correct or it is imperative to remove the ignition??
If you've good eyes and clean lettering you can read it. I could see it partially, but couldn't make it out. So I just removed it
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