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Lowering my bike.

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Ok I just bought a 07 cbr 1000 and I dont like the ride height and I want to lower it a couple inches. I'm not short (5'11) but id just like the ride to be more comfortable and ill probably be drag racing.... any parts suggestions would be appreciated, thanks
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Oh, :welcome:
New dog bones ( , dog bones aka lowering links)for the rear and drop the forks through the tripple a bit for the front:thumbsup:

check out this part number gsxr1300 or zx1400r. Both of those will result in lower ride height and faster drag times.
wouldnt do it if i was 5'11 also you shouldnt have a problem really...i can put both feet flat on the ground without a problem...give it a little bit of time and you'll get used to it and love it the way it is...
Don't lower it... i just raised mine back up to stock height b/c it was handling like shit...
Get swingarm extensions. The extra length will increase the moment and make the bike sit lower with the stock links.


check out this part number gsxr1300 or zx1400r. Both of those will result in lower ride height and faster drag times.
^once you can keep the front end down, you'll be able to beat the big bores through the quarter mile and still take a turn better.
someone mentioned something about everyone on this site hating extensions with a passion..

well i dislike it to say the least . i want to lower it because i am afraid i m going to tip it over because my feet aren't firm on the ground.

i took the bike outta the garage to clean it and i couldn't push it back in the garage backwards.

it was a incline tht i had to go on but i still feel like i would have been able to do it had both of my feet touched the ground.

and someone also said they changed thier height back to stock cuz it was handling like shit well when you say handling like shit did you mean it on the track or like it was like shit as in UNBEARABLE.

cuz i dont think i am going to be riding a whole lot or taking corners at more than 25 mph. so i didnt think it would be a problem
just my opinion....I purchased the bike and it was already lowered... it handled like complete shit. The steering felt very unpredictable and i destroyed the feelers on the pegs(due to less clearance) in no time.

Raised it back up to stock with stock dog links in the rear and reset the forks flush with the tt.. and voila! much better. If you're really interested in lowering the bike, i still have my lowering links.
what he said. i have the soupy's link and love it.
X3 , Soupy's lowering links are fully adjustable, got them on the wifes bike.
Rode a friends gsxr1k that was lowered and kept slamming on bumbs. If you still go that route get the adjustable like they recommend, you can always adjust it back.
I just bought a 2009 CBR and have a lower link from raoring toys that will make ajustable heights. THis is the deliema Im dealt with: bikes in the air, ready to be dimantled, but it apears that the factory dogbone is too long to work with my lower link. Should I continue or order another dogbone to finish the job?
I thought that the links replaced the factory dog bones....
I have an 07 and I bought mine used and it was lowered already an does sacrifice my handling slightly but at only an inch its not that bad,im 5,4" so I need it to be lowere an inch.I still cant touch both feet flat on the ground but I got used to it,when I need to back my bike up I normally get off and back it
can you lower the bike by dialing the stock suspension? (just a couple mm)
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