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Maintance So Cal

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Well its probably time for me to get my valves checked. Can anyone recommend me a place in SoCal they went to get their bikes done and how much it cost you. Im a little iffy about taking it to Berts, I'm not too sure about how they operate over there.
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Well then i would stay away from Chaparral too how far you willing to travel
and most shops run about 225 and up for the valves
Cycle Mall is in Tustin. You didn't even say what county you are in. You are willing to drive hours away and drop your bike off? I have to rent a trailer so it's easier for me to use OCH unless it's something that can be done the same day. For the tuneup you are refering to, I called 5 different shops and got 5 different prices. I had a thread in the maintenance section a while back.
Sorry about that, LA and Orange County is fine for me. $225? where can i get it done for $225? berts wanted $500. Ill look into Cyclemall in Tustin too, thanks!
Metric method in Lake forest, These guys kick azz
Copied and pasted from sone elses thread I replied to last year I think.
GoRacer said:
16k dealer service estimate, which includes a valve adjustment (replace shims if necessary).

OCH - $575.00 (Orange County Honda - City of Orange)
MM -$700.00 (Mission Motorsports in Irvine)
CM - $785.00 (Corona Motorsports -Riverside County)
HBH - $895.00 (Huntington Beach Honda - they service HBPD and CHiP's)

There's more dealers but these have better reviews. Of course there are small private shops to. Still that's a lot of money for mainly checking the valves.
$225? Try Cycle Mall if you don't want a tune up and only want the valves adjusted but most likely they won't need to be adjusted.

Discounts you can try:
AAA/Auto Club (dealers)
SoCal-Sportbikes (cycle mall)
Tracktactics (Berts Mega Mall)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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