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Memorial Day at South Beach

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Any of you guys gonna be in South Beach Memorial Day weekend. If so hollah. Looking forward to meeting up with you guys and riding out.
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hope u dont plan on "riding" its more like walking your bike around that part of town
Really? Never been on Memorial Day Weekend. I plan on riding to fort lauderdale as well. Looking forward to riding in a different state.
yeah well on a holiday weekend like that south beach will be packed to the point where ur bike will overheat at night time if you leave it running trying to ride down the strip. most people just park up on the side and chill and hang out like a bike night or something but laudy would probably be a little bit better riding. hell its still all florida tho so the roads arent that careful when u get to miami tho its packed everywhere and no1 give a F about u on ur bike lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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