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MRGRN( Carbon filler panel pics(review)

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First off I wanted to say thanks to MRGRN, he has great customer service and high quality products. I ordered the YOSH(ish) Carbon lower heat shield and was sent some brackets after a few quickly replied to emails. He sent me the brackets so I could use them to fab my own off the original design, I have the Arrow full system and it exits at a different angle from the Yoshi so I did not need the brackets. Basically I used the existing lower fairing to frame mount, drilled two holes in my lower and used some Honda pop rivets to flush the panel down. Its very sturdy and runs within 2mm of my exhaust, the original design is brackets and parallel with the lower but due to my exhaust i slightly overlapped my lower. The fit is not as good as if i had a Yosh system, but it's a huge improvement over stock and I recommend this piece to anyone looking for an alternative to the missing piece look most of us have with full systems. You may have to adjust your mounting location but this is what worked for me and I'm satisfied. Also the gloss on the lower is very nice and the piece is light as well.

I apologize for the pic quality ill take some close ups over the weekend with my girlfriends camera, I only have a cell!


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The first two are without the filler as a reference, and the last one quien sabe? Computers or operator error?
Correction, I'm a tard, that's with a z not an s.
And i only had one Honda rivet(center one) ill get the other two over the weekend for a more flush fit, i used some auto body torx ones on the outside to get by, he is an extremely easy person to deal with and very helpful, Ill be adding more of his partz to my collection as funds allow.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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