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Mushroom v Flush Fit Crash protectors

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Hey Yall, ive drawn a quick diagram to explain why i prefer crash protectors that fit flush to the frame.

Ive seen allot of mushroom style frame protectos that tend to fold when you drop the bike, even when the protector folds it still protects but not nearly as well as it had held in place.

For the past 2 years ive been running a stunt bike with custom made crash protectors (8" long to protect more of the bike) and the bike gets crashed several times each practice day, so ive learnt the hard way what make a crash protector work.

R&G CB1000r Crash Protector on my 08 Fireblade
The R&G crash protector for our 08 Blade is mushroom style with a 25mm spacer, Not wide enough IMO. So ive ordered a CB1000r crash protector because thCB1000r has no fairings, so the protector is designed to fit flush on the frame, but i had to cut holes in the fairings as you can see in the pic.
The frame around Fireblase engine mount is not flat though (they never are), so to make the crash protector even more stable i got the belt sande out and tried to match the angle on the back of the protector to that of the frame, widening the protectors flush fitting.

Eric Wood from Woodcraft tells me they get around the folding problem with their mushroom style crash protectors by shortening its length. But wouldnt shortening its length lessen how much it protects? Their system has had good reviews though.

Race Railz
Half cage, half flush fitting crash protector, this system give great protection for the engine and fairings but they say its going to be another month before the 08 Fireblade model is in stock.


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