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Hey guys just wanted to share my experience so far with my 08 that I had picked up back in August of last year. This is my 2nd 1000rr the first being a 07 w all the bolt ons and mods.
It's been quite the adventure with this bike...lots of time and money..more than I had planned for but I'm now finally getting to enjoy the bike.
So long story short last summer i just finished rebuilding a 2014 r6 and posted it up for sale. A local w this 08 hit me up asking if I'd trade and take cash. After seeing pics of it and he gave a brief history I agreed to meet and look at the bike. Saw it..rode it around a bit going thru the gears and we did the trade and cash. Thought it was a good trade since the bike was stock...fairings in good shape and all he said it needed was a battery and new fork seals.
Got the bike home...started to take it apart and ordered up a bunch of parts. Next day went to start it up and I had to jump it off and heard a noise from clutch area. I ordered a manual cct and continued to finish tearing bike down. Once cct came in I went to do it and noticed the chain guide looked funky so I pulled valve cover off and seen upper guide looked funky too. Ended up ordering a new chain and guides. Got that all still hard to start even w a fresh lithium so decided to do a compression test. 2 cyclinders barely made 50psi the other 2 just shy of 150. Pulled the head and seen the pistons and valves were filthy so I did a leakdown on the head and sure enough the valves were leaking bad. Lapped the valves..put it all back and heard that dreaded crank whine noise. At this point i was ready to part the bike out and try to recover as much as I could cause I bought fairings exhaust filter etc etc. Buddy of mine in the valley tells me someone he knows wrecked a 13 repsol and cracked the frame and if I wanted parts so I bought the motor ecu wheels calipers. Bike had just north of 9k on it and I got it all for 700 bucks. Swapped the motor in and now I'm ready to start modding up. Well 3 paint jobs later I think I'm done at this point. Ecu has a flash but at some point I'll reflash it myself. Anyways here it is...all work done by me...please let me know what you think....

2008 w 2013 motor swap
Flashed ecu
Bmc race filter
Barnett clutch
Ape manual cct
Custom shorty stacks
Intake flapper delete
Knockoff sc project slip on I have another waiting to go on..
Annitori quickshifter
Driven block off plates
Sato rearsets
Crg levers
Psr clip ons
Domino grips
Gpr V4 damper
Keyless gas cap
Demon eyes
Lightech mirror block offs
Lightech rear spools
520 conversion vortex -1 SuperSprox +2
RK gold chain
2015 rear shock
Taylormade slim tail
SP cowl
Custom suede thicker padded seat
Vesrah pads front and rear
Galfer lines front and rear
Vortex lowering link
Arashi rotors front
Allballs fork seals
2013 wheels
90° metal valve stems
Techspec tank pads
Rear view camera
Wps lithium battery
Bikes been painted 3x now its Nardo Grey with black tank and belly

There might be some stuff I'm forgetting but that's the jist of things. I'm sure ill add or change stuff along the way as I begin to enjoy the bike


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Ah ok. That bolt is wedged in pretty tight and also with loctite. I was able to slowly screw it on and it made it's own thread in the process and I removed and put red loctite. Good eye tho!
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