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This has been my project since I picked it up back in August of 19. Got the bike bone stock minus a Vortex lowering link and shitty smoked out lights. Went thru hell w the 08 I pulled it and put a 13 motor and ECU in. Never worked on a honda and it's been quite a learning experience but I'm at the point where I'm satisfied and can start to enjoy the bike. I did all the work myself minus the paint jobs ( 3 paint jobs ) and ecu flash that was already on ecu when I bought the motor. Please share your thoughts on it.

2008 with 2013 motor
Flashed ECU
Bmc filter
Custom shorty stacks
Driven block off plates
Intake flapper delete
Replica SC Project
Annitori quickshifter
Barnett clutch
APE manual cct
PSR clip ons
Domino grips
CRG levers
Gear indicator
Sato rearsets
Lightech mirror block offs
Rearview camera
520 RK gold chain
-1 vortex front
+2 SuperSprox rear
Demon eyes w 55w hids
2013 wheels powdercoated black
Pirelli SC2s 200 60 rear
2013 front calipers
Vesrah pads front and rear
Galfer steel braided lines front and rear
Arashi rotors
90° metal valve stems
2015 Showa rear shock
Powdercoated black swingarm
Rear spools
Keyless gas cap
Taylormade slim tail conversion
SP rear cowl
Techspec tank pads
WPS lithium battery
Allballs fork seals
Custom wrapped black suede memory foam seat
Painted glossy black triple tree
Nardo Grey with Midnight Black tank and belly

I think thats it....let me know your thoughts and I look foward to learning more about this platform!


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Looks good. Sounds like you put a lot of money and time into it.

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At some point yes this will be the bike I'll use at the track. I have been wanting to try my hand at that for some time now but didnt want to use my gen2 zx10r or my 2013 zx14r that's why I decided to grab a cbr. But I ride on slicks on all the bikes.

And believe it or not I put more time into it then money I think. The motor wheels and ecu I got from a guy who had a 13 Repsol Edition as a spare bike for his MC Brothers in case they needed a bike to ride and he sold me his setup for 700 bucks lol. I sold the 08 motor with a basically 0 miles rebuilt head for 600 to a friend who parts motors and bikes out on ebay. The stock wheels were powdercoated black and I sold them locally for 200 bucks...the 2013 harness and 08 ecu I let go for 150 locally also. I'm lucky cause I work on alot of bikes locally and made tons of contacts and people always text me when a bike is for sale or parts come up. Like right now I'm rebuilding a 2017 1000rr for a friend who wrecked on a country ride w has 5500 miles...needs maybe 1300 in parts and hes offered me the bike for 5500. I'm debating grabbing it but I've already got 3 bikes.
As far as all the aftermarket parts I'm sponsored by a online shop and now brick and mortar store in so if anyone needs or wants parts let me know he let's me give discounts to fellow riders...instagram followers...or anyone I send his way.


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