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My New Liberache Leathers

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Helimot Custom--The Only Leathers to Have here is NorCal, they should be ready in about 3 weeks, theyre gona be hella-Liberache. He redid the outers on my Daytonas--OMG they rock--Ill have they tomorrow:good2::good2: What looks orange is actually metallic candy apple red:sghey::sghey:\

The graphic on teh back is gonna cahnge pretty substantially--bigger red dot w/blue/purple out line=long story its so my wife/daughters can recognize me on track

Hopefully, Ill have them for LDHs Infineon trackday


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Those aren't as ghey as Mesa's hand painted rainbow leathers. :gay:
^^ damn i love your avatar...Tom Cruise is as gangster as it gets in that bish....

(it's a sick fantasy of mine to blast some thieves like that)

anything has to be better than your very well used leathers that have kissed the pavement more than a few times eh track ho:th_SmlyROFL::th_SmlyROFL:
Ahh, the smell of new leathers... :thumbsup:

Helimot Custom--The Only Leathers to Have here is NorCal....

You ever get over to Zooni and check out his work? I know he used to work for Helimot and did all his original design and suits.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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