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need help 08 wont run

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Ok guys im new here,i just picked up a 08 1000rr at a bank which was repoed,has 4900 miles, It didnt have the servo under the seat.I bought one plugged it in and nothing changed.It will sit there and run fine, you can take off and get about 1000ft it then goes to limp mode i uess you call it,you cant get it much pass idle it cuts out.I dont have a manual the check engine light does flash, so what do i need to do? thanks frito
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lift tank, check for crushed hoses and wires.
thanks i try that. at this point i will try anything
how many long and short flashes are you getting from the light?
like first does 8 flashes then 4 slow flashes then 3 flashes
i took tank off didnt see anything, there is a blue connector about middle of motor on back has like yellow paint with nothing hooked t it,what goes there? one blue connectoe is hooked like to right side of airbox, one down low and this one, i dont see anything to plug it to so i figure smething is missing?
Take a picture of wires and post it up.
Take a picture of wires and post it up.
+1 It's easier for us to help out if you also include pictures of what you are trying to describe.

Also, you should get the service manual. If you don't want to fork out the $60+ for the actual manual, you can download it from deathace's sig.
heres a pic its the one in the middle hanging there. you see one on right hooked up and one in middle at bottom hooked up, but this has nothing? what about my flashes i mentioned above, how do i reset them, i need this fixed, its bothering the hell out of me cant go riding


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I could be wrong but i believe that is the throttle position sensor that's not connected. Check under the the one on the right underneath the airbox and you should see a white connector there very close to the frame. No expert but pretty sure that's the problem. Let us know how u go.

Here's some thoughts:

A Should either go into the TPS sensor at position C (It's tucked under Airfilter housing between the frame).

or B is plugged into the wrong place and therefore should be plugged into C and A should be plugged into position B.

Side note: D - I believe there should be two wires with plugs coming off of that strand. The brown one goes to the fuel injection plug on the right side of the tank, and a black one that goes to the plug on the bottom left side of the tank. Maybe it's there, but didn't see it in your photo.
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thanks for the pics,Thats it, it was unplugged,it runs now, but now it flashes 3 slow and 4 faster flashes so whats that
ok tried swapping plugs, and bike wouldnt even run,so i swapped back and while i had tank off, i unplugged every connector and re connected, put back together and no codes.I want to thank all of you that posted back and the one for circling pics, that helped alot
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