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My recently purchased 2015 CBR had aftermarket rear turn signals and in the process of installing them, the PO chopped the wires to the OEM turn signals and tossed out the left over wire, connectors, and turn signals. I now have the replacement OEM turn signals thanks very much to a member here and they have the OEM connectors still attached.

So, my problem is finding the section of the wiring harness to connect from the OEM turn signals to main harness. I have looked at the parts schematic online but haven't been able to identify the item that I need.

This is the parts link that I'm using :
2015 Honda CBR1000RR ABS Parts - Best OEM Parts Diagram for 2015 CBR1000RR ABS Motorcycles

I think the item number is the drawing is number 6 which is PN 32108 MFL D20 but am not absolutely certain.

Here is a picture of the part:
Honda 32108-MFL-D20 - SUB-HARNESS, RR. |

Is anyone able to confirm that this is the correct PN before I order it.
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