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Need suggestions!!! Winter project almost done

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Hi all,

I'm a newbee to the sight but after countless hours of searching this forum, I rebuild my 06 1k. I still have a little more garage time left, but I'm running out of mods. Here's what I've done, any recommendations for power and handling???

Track time is in the plans as soon as we have a streak of good weather and I should have some pics after the test ride today if the rain holds out. BT002 aren't so good in the rain...

Bridgestone BT002 tires 120/70/17 and 190/55/17
Woodcraft strator cover with red double thick slide protection
Vortex black rearset
Galfer stainless steel front brake lines (silver)
Galfer stainless rear brake lines (red)
Galfer stainless steel clutch line red
Afam/Driven gearing 15/44 (red ano)
DID EVR3 gold chain
BMC race filters
Rapid Bike 3 with timing and custom mapping 184 hp to the rear wheel (160.5 at 6200ft)
PAIR mod
Velocity stacks (custom free mod)
Fiberglassed flapper mod
Jardine dual tip full carbon slip on
Heat wrapped headers and exhaust
Elka 3-way rear shock with hydraulic preload adjuster
EBC HH race pads front and rear
Lightened rear rotor (drilled out)
Engine Ice Coolant
HRC 1/6 throttle
GPR G4 stabilizer
Custom intake/air flow replacing horn
Speedo Healer
On-the-fly preload adjusters
Vortex gas cap (black) and base (red)
Rear swing arm blocks (red) chain adjuster
Radiator fan switch bypass and red LED lights on custom dash
Nicky Sprocket cover mod
Dan Kyle’s 20mm valve kit with springs for front fork

Also 29 cosmetic upgrades.
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any recommendations for power and handling???
If you got the money, a set of BST carbon fiber rims will make a HUGE difference. Other than that you have all your bases covered it seems
+1 on the rims and those lil covers for the brake and clutch fuild those make it hella fast..HRC ones from S.S are great
All that cool stuff and you're running EBC HH pads? What is this, 1999?

Upgrade to some real pads and get the most out of that 002 front. Vesrah SRJL's are my personal favs, they'll run ya about $160 for a set of fronts. 16's vs 17's depend on if you want initial bite or progressive.

Everyone seems to be a big fan of superbikesupply here, I'm sure they can get them for ya :)
Vesrah's are great, but pricey. Galfer HH are plenty for a street bike (1375 compound IIRC).

Nice mod list.

Brembo masters and calipers are cool (masters more important obviously)
Braketech rotors (need specific pads)
Samco hose kit (PITA install, but purdy)
gear indicator is nice @ the track... especially if you cover yer speedo
Test Ride 1 some pics and cosmetic upgrades

Here is my omitted list of mods. And yes it includes the fluid caps and all...
Carbon hugger
Carbon swing arm covers
Carbon chain guard
Carbon sub-frame protector
Carbon upper tank guard
Carbon crankcase cover
Carbon lower tank guard
Carbon front fender
Carbon heat shield
Carbon bar ends
Kevlar Crankcase cover
Custom body mesh
Custom Frame plugs (homemade)
Custom stealth red high beam
Dash rework of all colors (Blue, white, red) with built in Acumen gear indicator In dash
Tape works black metallic tribal #3 Flames
Krazie Graphics Rim strip tape (red Honda racing)
Red LEDs in engine/frame
Oury Grips
HID head light
Police strobe powered by horn
Factory Seat cowl
Headlight covers
Track day kill switch on all lighting
Custom running light mod red Honda H
1000RR block off plates
1000RR reservoir covers all around
1000RR spools
Hotbodies undertail Black with LED turn signals
Custom painted heat shield
Custom windscreen
Flush mount turn signals (front)
No cut frame sliders
Black Stomp Grip
ProGrip Carbon tank cover (zipper protector)
Powder Coating ultra gloss black
Ano red crank case and strator cover bolts
Smoke rear taillight with integrated signals
Ano red oil filler cap
NEX Radiator Hose kit (Red)

Ignore the chicken strips for now, this was a 20 minute test ride with no canyons. I will send new pics of my track day test ride to redeem myself in a few weeks.

Test Ride: A WHOLE NEW F ing BIKE!!!

Thanks for the quick replies as well. I plan to look into the brake pads...EBC SUCK!

+1 on the wheels, but I'm thinking Carrozzeria TRI-R's in the fall for cost reasons.

+1 on the fluid covers, dyno showed a definite 10hp increase over the stock covers. Amazing gain highly recommended

+1 on the gear indicator, got it installed on my speedometer, its great at the track!!!

Let me know what you all think.


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Where do I submit this beast for BOTM?
G-Craft Rear Reservoir
Carrozzeria/Marchesini/BST Carbon Wheels whichever you like better
Pazzo Levers or whatever you like best
Galfer/Brembo/Braketech rotors whichever you like best
Brembo Calipers

Rizoma makes some trick reservoirs for your brake fluid up on your handle bars as well...

Have your front forks painted (by a professional) black to match the rear shock...

just MO though...i think your bike looks trick as hell tho man
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i'm diggin the honda car logo on the third eye
damn... you got a lot of money tied up in dat peice of chit!
Add some wheels to it Jb powers are the best nice bike
Re: Brake pads and rotors

Thanks for the recommendations on the pads and rotors. Quick question, how much better are the Vesrah RJL versus the SRJL??? It's a huge jump in price, any opinions?

Also, which rotors would you all recommend and how much better are they really over oem??? What are the true benefits to new rotors?

Thanks for the wheel recommendations too, they are the next on the list after summer.
check out the brakes section theres a bunch of threads with peoples opinions on which rotors are the best. GL
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