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New 06 1000rr owner needs service manual

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Hi everyone, I am a new cbr 1k owner, moved over from an 05 R1. im exited to get some miles on it - got it a few days ago. The first thing I did was to throw new tires on it. only prob is I have a leftover part - a rubber plug that seems to have fallen out of the sprocket assembly?? i just saw it roll around on the ground when I took the axl out.

Anyone have a pdf of the service manual??
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I don't have the pdf, but if I can find my service manual real quick I'll see if I can help you out. Let me go look. I'll post again in a few minutes.
Look up any post by resus...he's the guru...He has the links to the service manual:thumbsup:
Ok so I found the manual. The only thing I could think of by your description is what they call a "rubber damper". Does it look like two rubber almonds (for lack of better description) that are connected?
heres a pic of it.


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WTF is that? It's been a good while since I've had the bike apart for anything. That doesn't look familiar right off the bat, but let me look through the manual again.
Ok that doesn't make sense to me. I've never seen that piece and it isn't even shown in the diagram here in the manual.
I know what you are talking about with the 2 almond shaped pieces, but this is not familiar at all. Good luck.
Ok follow the link I'll post below. Zoom in on the group of parts they call #1. Those are the rubber dampers. Those are the only rubber pieces that need to go anywhere in or near the rear wheel. If you have all of those you're fine. I don't know what that part is you've shown, but I don't think I've ever come across it on my bike.
WFT? Is that?

I have the bike apart right now and cannot find that anywhere.
WFT? Is that?

I have the bike apart right now and cannot find that anywhere.
I'm with you man. I've had the bike torn down to it's guts about three times and never seen that. It looks like a bump stop thingy for a car hood or something. I dunno how it would have come from the rear wheel of a CBR.
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