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new to dfw area

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hey i just moved here a couple weeks ago, las colinas part of irving and am lookin for some folks to ride with. i got a 1krr and a fiddy.
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Welcome to Dallas. Lets ride

I am going to put on my new rear shock tonight so going to want to test it a little on the street before putting it to track duty.
on your fiddy or big bike?
Hey ive been here for about 3 years but just got my first bike in Texas.i'm looking for people to ride with as well. Where's a good place n ti
e to ride?
I know of some places to go just south of where you live.

lets go ridding.............

I want to ride but my bike is dead. It died on me twice riding 5 miles yesterday. Taking it to the shop in 2 hours. Its under warranty so I suppose they will take care of it and hopefully I will be back on the road shortly.
well let me know when you would like to go.

send me a pm and we will go have some BBQ.

I like to ride.
Yes a ride would be fun. I have the bike back from the shop. ready to ride again. 3 hour turn around not to shabby.
we will be in eastland texas at 8;00 am

and in glenrose bbq at 11;00 am at hamonds. glenrose is a small town you wont miss the bbq shack............

good fun.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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