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I'm on s2ki
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Good afternoon,

Here is a puzzling one.

Engine won't start. no CEL, fuel pump primes (CEL on during prime, then off), ignition is present (tested w. ether). HESD light on HUD while turning over. Tested 2 ECUs. Neutral light is on HUD.

Engine is in a formula car, bank angle sensor has been jumped by using pins 1 & 3. Kickstand shorted, no tail light/turnsignal/plate light, headlights, horn, fans (for now), HESD removed (cut, not jumped).

IACV resistance checked per manual. Fuel is present @ fuel rail, but injectors won't open.

Background: the engine was removed from a damaged chassis. It was started on an engine stand w. oem harness & ECU to make sure it starts, then transplanted into formula car where it only started once. When it ran, it idled for 15 seconds or so & then stalled.

The ignition switch was removed in place of a 12volt toggle switch. No key (no issues in the past)
No clutch switch, open circuit. custom fuel tank & header.

We've tested so many things, & it still won't start. Fresh fuel, battery, fuses, relays, bank sensor, grounds.

The engine has a drysump pan using oem pump & pick up.

Thoughts? It's in a somewhat cold garage.

If you have an idea, PM for facetime.

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