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No RPM -10

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Hello fellow cbr owners,

I am running a 2010 cbr europe model for a crosskart project,

Now the RPM gauge won't work. when i start the ignition the needle goes all up and down.
I have read the manual and followed the instructions ... i think.

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I have continuity through the Yellow/green cable so that is OK

I do not have a peak voltage tester so i am using a normal digital multimeter, but it stables out at 9.08 voltage, when reving the engine the voltage does not change at all.

According to the manual it says to replace ECM if reading below 10.5 voltage.. which for me it seems like it does,

Now i don't know how easy it is to change out the ECM ? everything else works good so for me it seems weird that it has died, but i do not have any knowledge regards this stuff...

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Motor starts and the speedometer works? On the CBR1000RR, crankshaft speed is monitored by a sensor that reads the teeth on the flywheel.

Is this 2 pin red connector from the left stator cover plugged in?
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You cannot use the 9.08V from the normal multimeter to compare with the peak voltage value in the service manual. Do not replace the ECM until you check every connection.
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Thanks for quick reply!

Yes the motor starts and i got no error codes that shows on the display,
Speedometer works, coolant temp works,

The CKP sensor is connected and i checked for continuity and that is also OK

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I upploaded a video on youtube, see below for link
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It appears to be an issue with the dash unit, not the ECU. There are no error codes in the ECU, so that rules out any issue with CKP and CMP sensors. You've confirmed continuity between the ECU connector and dash connector for the tachometer wire.

Dash units are very expensive. To confirm that the unit is bad, I would hook up the tachometer wire to an oscilloscope to be certain that it shows variation with engine speed. You can buy a simple handheld scope for $20 on eBay and it will save you the trouble of replacing the wrong part.
Well i couldn't get a 20$ oscilloscope to Sweden. But i did order a 90$ one, With built in battery and so on... Hopefully it's good!

I will report back once i have the results. Expected delivery is 7th of June
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