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'non' exhaust

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I have spent time searching but can't find what I'm looking for. I thought I found an exhaust, sometime in the last year or two, for the 06/07 that exited near the bottom of the bike. Something like the new 1000 or the r6/gix 600 and 750 etc.

I want the smallest exhaust possible and one that you can't really see if possible. I love the look of the Hotbodies but I hear it is pretty loud and obnoxious. I love the look of the CW but it's awfully expensive(may be the one I end up going with). Is there an underslung exhaust for my model? Can the Hotbodies be modified(insert fabricated) to be a little quieter?

Any opinions or suggestions welcome!

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The one you saw here was selfmade by the guy. Not by a manufacturer.
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