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noob needs help Quick

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I got a 2006 1krr, On the stock exhaust there is a cable driven block... I removed the cable and the complete component that controls it now the RED light on my dash is lite...if this is removed when you put a slip-on, on then how do i fix the light or is it a different problem all together?? Help pleaze
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The cables come off,
the servo motor stays on the bike
what purpose does it serve if cables are not hooked up
your bike will think the cables are still there, no more red light
k thanks
Any issues with just leaving the cables there and hiding them? :D
make sure not to unplug any plugs there, this will cause a error light
^ mine are still there, just tucked :)
Same here.. i just ziptied the cables out of the way.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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