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NYC DynoJet Authorized Tech?

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I'm in NYC looking for an authorized Dynojet Tech to tune my 08 1k. I have yet to fine any dealers I'm comfortable having my clutch recall done let alone some significant performance tuning... does anyone have any decent ideas about where to take my bike? I'm willing to travel a bit... a bit

any help would be much appreciated!

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Just did your homework for you Mike....LOL...

No seriously, here is a list of DYNOJET MOTORCYCLE DYNAMOMETERS CENTERS in New York state:

Good Luck,

there's a shop thats opening up in N.J. MARK BILT race tuning. in franklin lakes. its mechanic MARK ROZEMA is sponsoring josh haye's wife in AMA. you may have heard of him. he was first with celtic racing and then with attack kawasaki last year with Chaz Davies on both teams...IRONIC how they won DAYTONA after HAYES got DQ'd and now he's sponsoring melissa peris, josh's wife, she came in 21st at DAYTONA out of a field of 75 riders..only thing is he travels to the races, and you gotta catch him when he's around. he will be there this week. im dropping off my RR this upcoming monday and a buddy's cruiser for some tuning. let me know if you want any info...

PS. it may be a ride for you.. dont know where in NY you are.. but Mark is an awesome mechanic.
whats up mike. i was in your same situation about a month ago looking everywhere as well. just because they were authorized dealers alot didnt have much expierence with the 08 1000 especially ever playing with a ignition module within the tri state. im a weirdo when it comes to someone else just sitting on my bike let alone ride it on the dyno, but the guy i found is really good. his name is rich and hes down at scotts powersports in coopersburg. they have a real legit facility. its only a couple miles off of 78. me and my cousin both had are 08 1000s done last month.
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