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Here's your chance to brag and boast about any of all of you mechanical F' ups!!! Share with the rest of us what you did, how you did it and maybe, you get voted to receive the FUOTM award.

Go ahead.. talk about it.. you know you want to.

Hopefully the rest of us will learn something.

Here are the basic rules.

  • One entry per person per month.
  • Hopefully bike related, but cars FU's are also welcome.
  • Give a good description of the situation what you did, and maybe how you could have avoided it. This is the teaching moment.
  • Pictures will be good and hopefully give you an edge when voting comes.
  • No comments. We shouldn't derail the thread or fork it. If something is particular interest, start a new thread somewhere else.

We'll keep the same schedule as BOTM:
Entries will be accepted until October 21st. Voting will be October 22nd-31st.

If there are any issues (tie, no winners announced 24+ hours after poll closes, etc) send me, (@Bosston), a PM. DON'T POST ABOUT IT IN THIS THREAD!!!

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Thought I would install an "easy pull" clutch lever (won't post manufacturer) to lessen the pressure when sitting in stop and go traffic and constantly having to work the clutch when creeping along.
The lever has different cable attachment positions for pull "leverage" to allow adjustment of clutch pull pressure.
Instead of starting with the normal pull setting and getting a feel for the lever and pull pressure I went straight for the easy pull setting.
Clutch lever travel was limited to the point when I set the clutch cable slack adjuster to fully engage the clutch at full lever pull the clutch lever would not allow the clutch to fully disengage.

In other words I took the bike out for a test ride with a slipping clutch and burnt up a brand new clutch. Didn't help that I took the bike on a full Monty jaunt down the expressway trying to figure out what I was feeling different with the bike.
Needless to say it cost me the time, money, and hassle of a clutch rebuild

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Picture it, spring Sunday morning in 2003.
Track refugee reverse cylinder 3MA TZR250 running Sugo kit CDI & carbs barely idling ready for a good back road thrashing.

Now, cognizant of the bigger jets needed in the left carb that has the cylinder running hotter than the OEM differential, we re-jetted appropriately before the dyno run the previous day.
But at 2am for some reason I was still in the garage tinkering and took the carbs off again, and then checked jets again and put them back on... sure that I had put the right jet in the right carb, or was that the correct jets in the left carb?

I set off and after a leisurely 15 mile ride into the forest roads I decide it was time to tangle with the gaggle of sport bikes that I caught up with - I was cutting up the corners being a 250 2 stroke menace, passed 2 600s mid corner and as the next straight opened I tucked behind the screen and wailed on the 1/4 liter... 10,000, 10,200, 10,500, 11,000, 11,500.... the little bike was pulling so hard; almost too hard; over revving very eagerly hmmm.. it sounded so crisp, so on the pipe... like it was on the lean edge of destruction..

I got to thinking, is it possible the jets got reverse? No way...right? When suddenly the bike responded to my question with a short Ngggg, followed by a NNggnnnBfFFtttTnnnGGgggggg. There is your answer mate!

Clutch in, coast down to a stop in the national forest as 1 after the other the 4 strokes hurtled by. Did I mention its 2003 and I did not bother bringing my flip phone on a no coverage ride? :ROFLMAO:

Started the day riding a 250 twin and ended early riding a 125 single. Then waited a hour for a ride home :ROFLMAO::LOL:

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Not directly my mistake but I was involved. A couple of days ago, we were attempting to bleed the brakes on a 1996 Acura.
The bleeder screw was fairly rusty and the 10mm wrench, which is the right one, didn't fit. So we thought it's a 11mm and proceeded to quickly round the rusty nipple. (there's a joke in there some where...)

We cleaned the rust off for the other side and the 10mm socket fit just fine.

looking at the service manual would have prevented this.
Also, most bleeder screws i've seen are either 8mm or 10mm. Should have guessed that there was something wrong with 11.


This is my second post, but I get a pass since I'm the moderator AND dedicating this to another member. If this gets voted on, the winning credits go to Troy Batty. Hopefully softens thing up a bit with the group :)

I just read this on on CBR600fx forum.


Hello every i am new to this forum, i have recently bought an old cbr 600f, while trying to remove the spark plugs i lost a socket in the spark plug chamber and used an unorthodox way of getting it out by flipping the bike upside down and tap the engine with a hammer.

I am guessing that flipping the bike upside down has caused oil to be on the spark plugs and the bike wouldn't fire, ...... [snip]

Start voting folks...
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