Hello All: I don't have my Honda anymore. I have 3 Official Jackets that I don't need anymore.
Red Honda Jacket. Also a Honda classic design. The size is 42, I only wore it one time. I forgot that I had this one. It is tight on me around the middle now. (I used to be good lucking and slim. (I blame Covid). This is my opinion only, my wife thinks otherwise). Also, $60 shipped to lower. OR $200 for all three shipped to lower $48 only. If you buy either two, I will make you a deal. (Pic 4,5 and 6). I don't know what it would be but will work something out.
As you can see from the prices, I am not making any money and these are just taking space in my closet. It looks weird to wear a Honda Jacket while riding a Kawi. So that is the reason for selling I know packing and shipping will take most of the money.