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ohlins spring rate?

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right guys ive got a ohlins spring 44-120 what weight does it cover? eg 12 stone-14 stone? cheers again.
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44/120 is an example of a code you will find on an Ohlins shock spring. Using the below charts you can “decode” what you are looking at.
• The 1091 refers to the diameter and the length of the spring. Almost all Ohlins springs have a diameter of 57mm so that’s easy, the 1091 in this case means it has a 160mm length (when not on the shock)
• The -44 is the spring rate. For some unknown reason Ohlins uses it’s own numbers to label rate. In this case a 44 120N/mm 12.00Kg/mm or 685lbs/inch
• The /120 is the springs rate in Newton meters, but without the decimal. In this case the /120 means it’s a 120nm spring.
Are you on a 04-07?

I am 14 stone or about 15 with full gear. I am using a 105nm and i'm on the limit for 25mm sag with the preload fully closed.

According to Racetech's scale we should be using a 120nm for track and 114nm for street. Allthough I think 110nm would be more appropriate. Try it out with the 120nm (if you can) and see if you can adjust the sag properly. btw: 120nm is about 12.25kg. NM is slightly stiffer then KG but to approximate just remove the last number.
What sort of shock is it?
TTX or prxls?
I race with a ttx on my 06 and use a 120nm spring, that gives me enough scope for road and track sags, I weigh nearly 85kgs.
Thanks for all info! ive used bike with a 120 spring at silverstone and it was way to hard didnt even have any preload on at all! ive been told that for me i need a 9 or a 10 spring which will give me the adjustment i need, i have seen the ohlins chart but dont know how to decode it to find a spring to suit my weight can anyone talk me though it? cheers mark uk.
What is a stone, im an engineer and ive never seen this in any conversion charts. how many kg is a stone?
What is a stone, im an engineer and ive never seen this in any conversion charts. how many kg is a stone?
lol, British wieght scale from thee ye olde days when they used a balance scale with stones (I think). 1 stone = 14lbs or 6.35kg.
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stones, kilo's damn what ever happened to pounds????
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