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oil light issue

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Hey guys,

So over the winter I did a few mods including the pair and flapper mod, headlight mod, and some suspension work. I took it out and it was amazing for the first 200 miles or so. The other day I was accelerating in second and suddenly the oil light came on and the engine stalled out, not turning off though, then resumed as normal. It started to do it more and more, now it doesnt seem to be pulling right. The reving is perfect when its not under load (just reving it). I'm not sure what it could be. My only thoughts are that I didnt block something off properly and it's loosing oil pressure. I did notice the oil is a little on the high side...just above the top line but I never had any issues with that on my 600. I'm going to take off my tank tomorrow to check everything out. I'm taking it on a trip in a week though so I need to figure it out.

Thanks for any input!
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did you block the white thing in the air box when you did the pair mod? if so, you were not supposed to cap that off. that might be your oil issue, but doubt it. since you had your tank up to do the pair mod, you may have pinched the flue breather line. this could cause a shut-down of the motor.
Thanks. That's a definite possibility. Its rainy here today so I might not get a chance to look at it till tomorrow. Do you think that could cause the light to come on as well?
well the oil light automatically comes on when the key is on, but the bike not running. it will aslo come on after an oil/filter change untill the oil circulates for a couple seconds, then it goes off. the oil light will also come on if your bike stalls out (referr back to the
1st sentence).

are you local? iirc, you might live near me. i can stop by and take a look. our rides over due to more thunderstorms rolling in.
I doubt we are close. I'm in the upper peninsula. I appreciate the offer though. I hope to get some time tomorrow if the weather allows. I might have to hit you up if I can't figure it out. Btw where do you go for track riding? I have no idea where the closest one to me is. It might be in Wisconsin or Minnesota though.
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