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? on 08-09 1000RR tool kit

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Ive got less than 200 miles on my new bike and to my surprise the chain had too much slack in it. Mixed in town and 55 mph riding. Never gone above 9k rpm and brought the front end up slightly o two different occasions (rolling on in 1st and in 2nd). Dont know why it was so loose, last new bike I did not touch a thing for the first 500 miles. Anways, after checking the oil and tightening the chain, I was surfing online to find the correct size socket needed (my F4i was like 27mm and 24mm-but this one is larger). I found 32mm is the answer but many recommended checking the tool kit. The only thing I had in the trunk when I brought the bike home was a tire pressure gauge. I figured that the days of Honda putting a vinyl encased tool kit in the trunk like was done on my 1986-2002 bikes were gone. Is this true or did the dealer take my tool kit out for some reason?
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I just bought an 09 and all I got was a litle vinyl pouch with a screwdriver in it. I thought the dealer had just accurately assessed my mechanical with one look!
"litle vinyl pouch with a screwdriver in it"

My mistake, you are right, that is exactly what I had (I was thinking about my fourwheeler that had the tire pressure gauge). Glad to see Im getting what I paid for ;)
Just picked up my 09. Same thing, 1 little screwdriver. So I kept the tool kit from my 03 600RR trade in.
Now you tell me. I just let all the air out of my tyres with the screwdriver. Thought I had misidentified it. Sheesh....its a good job the wife's been storing air in the hoover all this time.
Yup, that's all you get; pouch and screwdriver. It's been discussed here before.

What's really funny is if you look at a Honda dealership's parts fiche for the 08+, you will see a full toolkit but the only part numbers listed are for the tool bag (vinyl pouch), grip (grip of the screwdriver), and the screwdriver bit.
To be honest, I thought I'd been shortchanged at first. I'm glad to read that its just the norm.
The tools that came with the older bikes were shit anyway. Realy, what are you going to use those crapy pliers on anyway. You can get better tools at the Dollar store. It should have come with tools for the chain. I always make up my own.
Don't get rid of that screwdriver too since it's a Japanese spec Phillip's head.
You will need the screwdriver to get to the battery.
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