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PBIR at night

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We finally got to run Palm Beach International Speedway (formelry Moroso) yesterday afternoon and night. Nick (Niner) got to ride it until dusk last week as the only rider. They did not turn on the lights because it was a money losing situation and he got to ride last night for free.
There is still a lot of work to do there,like build the pits and better coarse marking but overall it really is a sweet track and very fast. On the back straigt I could consistently hit 177 and probably was over 180 near the limiter a few times. I'm -1 and +1 on a 190-55. I'm off 2 mph at 70 so real speed was probably right around 170. The surface is really nice, they spent a lot of time on it. There are 3 turns that are huge radials that really fucked with me for the first couple of sessions untill we started double apexing them. I followed Nick a lot at the begining and it really helped. Thanks again Nick.There was a wopping total of 9 riders and really only 7 after a Duc ran off and snapped of a few pieces. You could run yourself untill your spent there. I ran from just after 5 until near 10pm.
It was my first time running at night and it was a trip. The lights cause a strobe like effect on the rumble strips that you see it out of your peripheral vision. My times slowed after the sun went down for a couple of sessions until I got used to the night conditions. After that I settled down and really enjoyed the night. Nick, Sean, Brian and me were there. Brian (Muahman) brought his shinny new R1 and ran it. He was having a terrible time with it and could not lossen up. Nick was trying to get him to let it loose a bit more but he was not comfortable on it. He was wishing he had his 600rr there.
Sean was on his r6 and is making big improvements. Nick was, well just Nick, always helping and fun. I had a great time and plan on doing as many Monday nights as I can afford. Having a track like this in my back yard is really cool. I hope some of you guys get to come down here and enjoy it. Its still kind of raw and loose, really old school, but we know it won't last. Where else can you go and run with 7 bikes all night long?
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Sweet write up. Riding that track at night is something else I'll say forsure.
I've done so a couple of times already with CCS and it's a great experience.

So what kind of lap times were you guys getting?
Running consistent 1:35 flat. Nick (Niner) showed me where I can easily shave off 4 to 5 seconds, mostly later braking coming into the 3 big turns. He was a big help as usual.
CCS ran there fri, Sat and Sunday.
Hardtop, are you running Homestead this weekend?
Damn! I want a track bike! Need to work on a higher income. I may stop in just to watch at some point. Maybe buy some food or something. One thing is for sure, if they dont make money, they will change things real quick.
Monday nights!!!!!!
was definitely a good time!

So, Homestead Sunday then maybe 2 weeks we go back?
Edwin, what kinda times is Am running there?

I know Gus and Sean are running high teens.
My bike is at GMD so I won't be able to make it to homestead. I was at PBIR this past weekend for the races and i'll be there next round aswell.

Yeah, all the fast guys are dipping into the high teens which is STUPID fast.

The FASTEST AM so far this year got into the 21's. I'm currently turning 23's but i'm hoping that'll get better once I get my bike back from Eric:thumbsup:
Eric is very good. Are you having the full suspension tune?
I have a TTx rear which he fine tuned this past weekend. Now i'm doing the front:popcorn2:
He tuned my front and rear Ohlins, what a diffrence.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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